Perfect Fit – Comfortable Fabrics
Your Own Unique Style

Why is great fitting, high-quality menswear so hard to find? The truth is it doesn’t have to be. Bloated distribution models, unnecessary markups, and greedy corporations lead to suboptimal experiences. Like you, we appreciate a great fit, subtle details and overall better quality of luxury garments, but we also want more. That’s what we offer at Style TBD. A fully personalized experience for your bespoke suit or shirt. Transparency, quality, and experience are our three value pillars. We would love to share the Style TBD experience with you.

Exceeding Expectations – Fashion Excellence


We have a deep seeded passion for what we do. We have a passion for fit. We have a passion for quality and we have the knowledge and experience to bring that passion to you with an incredible experience. Our ethos is to strive for fashion excellence and exceed your expectations.


It all starts with “hello”

Investing in a custom suit is a fun and empowering experience for any man. At Style TBD, we guarantee each of our clients a unique suit that not only fits perfectly but is an extension of their character  something that can’t be achieved off-the-rack. No detail is too small for us, and we’ll walk you through the entire tailoring process, offering our expert recommendations to help you create the ultimate suit.